Good Office Hamamatsucho by wedo is a coworking space consisting of the 3rd floor "CONNECT" floor, which is an open space where various people gather, and the 4th floor "BUILD" floor, where private booths are lined up for individuals and corporations. Two floors with different characteristics allow for flexible usage.

In addition, the space is full of creativity, with warm wooden interiors and colorful paint, which add color to your business.

More freedom and efficiency to suit your work style. This is a space where you can spend your business time better.



Bright and spacious open space

This is an open space that can be used not only by drop-ins but also by monthly members.

You can relax in the bright and spacious space. You can eat, drink, talk, and make phone calls while seated, so please use this space as a place to take a break and communicate.

Conference rooms A and B and soundproof private booths 1 and 2 are also located on this floor.

We also have a drink server, printer, shredder, etc. that you can use free of charge. There is also a self-operated mini-convenience store where you can quickly shop when you get hungry (cashless payments only). You can read as many books as you like on the bookshelf. Restrooms are separate for men and women.
Chargers, cables, and adapters are also available for loan at reception. Please feel free to ask our staff.



Private booth floor with natural warmth

This is a dedicated private booth area where companies and individuals can sign up. Some private rooms are also available for drop-in use.

We have private rooms for 1 to 4 people.
This booth is perfect for sole proprietors, single presidents, and small start-up companies.

The doors and tables are made from wood from Fukui Prefecture, giving you a sense of warmth and nature. The design also has a playful feel to it, with the floor plan being put together like a puzzle, and the paint on the walls creating a pattern that connects with the adjacent room.

By having your own room, a place that serves as a base for promoting each business, it is possible to clarify ON.


You can experience the inside of the office. Both 3F (Floor 1) and 4F (Floor 2) can be viewed.